A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing. Through play a child will develop and perfect skills that are essential for them in order to navigate through the various stages of their life. The wonder of play is that children learn vital skills through this medium. Even though learning is not the focal point of play that is exactly what children are doing. The skills they are using while playing, sharing, taking turns and listening become ingrained in their unconscious to be drawn upon at later dates. A child’s mind is so creative that virtually anything can be used to promote play. The ordinary chair can be used to facilitate and encourage play. Musical chairs is a game everyone remembers playing. The simplicity of the game combined with the music ensured that all children enjoy playing. During my time as a Montessori teacher this is where I would see the personality of the child shine through. The usually quiet child would begin moving and gliding around the room to the music not really focused on winning the game, more excited about the music and the freedom the music encouraged. The natural competitiveness of a child emerges as you can see children eyeing the remaining chair. I used the humble chair a lot while teaching. The chair became my prop to help the children visualise a story I was telling. The chair with a little imagination would become Baby Bear’s bed in ‘Goldilocks’ or the house the three little pigs built to protect them from the wolf. It would be the boat making its way through a storm in shark infested waters. Decorate the chair and it becomes a throne for the birthday boy or girl to use all day on their special day. My pupils used to organise the chairs and tell me what each chair had transformed into and by the end of the day there were no “chairs” left in my room but we had a room full of cars, castles and shops! Then once the games were finished and normality returned to the classroom the chair would become the chair again and children would take their seats and we would begin our lessons all the while knowing that fun begins with our own imagination.