What is Mobilo?

If you were to read the word 'plasticant' it probably wouldn't mean much. The definition of it being:


A Plastic Contruction system kit consisting of coloured, tubular individual elements, which are connected by means of yellow plastic dowels. There are also red, yellow and white surface elements in various sizes as well as wheels, gears and tooth snails.


At this point we wouldn't blame you for thinking 'wow, this is really boring, whatever it is' but you probably are far more familiar with it's common name. A name, which generations of children have loved: Mobilo


Mobilo Character Heads 


The History of Mobilo

Mobilo has been around for quite awhile, being originally patented way back in 1958. Back then it was far from the beloved educational toy we all know now. In fact it was actually intended to be used as a design kit. 

It was sold as a toy but not in the colours or shapes we would know it to be. In 1972 the rights to make the plasticant were sold to the Milton Bradley company.

It was then that modern Mobilo started to look familiar. New colours were added along with new parts; wheels, blades for excavators and b cabs.

Milton Bradley Mobile from 1972


Modern Mobilo

Mobilo today is used in school and pre school settings the world over. The simple geometric educational toy offers multiple possibilities.

Modern Mobilo is designed to the highest possible manufacturing standard and is built for real life:

  • It's built to CE Standards.
  • 100% Saliva resistant.
  • Tried and tested in Germany.
Modern day mobilo educational toy set

The Benefits of Mobilo in Play


Mobilo is a fantastic educational resource because of it's versatility and adaptibility. The modular approach allows so many different combinations.

The simple geometric shapes can be turned from a car into an airplane in minutes. This encourages many different skills and abilities in a child, such as:

  • Sense of shapes.
  • The relationship between balance, stability and movement.
  • Encourages a constructive and concentrated attitude.
  • Allows for individual play or group play.
  • Fine Motor Skills/Control and coordination
  • Spatial Awareness.
The child Increases self awareness and confidence through construction. They create new shapes and structures, making their own decisions, they are the author of their own learning. Expressing their own ideas and visions in what they create. 
in a group play setting the child can use language skills to resolve conflicts with peers while constructing. They're motivated when they begin to recognise their own ability and achievements therefore encouraging them to play more. 



Try it For Yourself

Mobilo's appeal has made sure it's continued to become more popular as time has gone on. We definitely love it here at Ease.

If you would like to get your hands on some Mobilo and start contructing we have a great offer for you! 

Mobilo Set Offer from Ease Educational.