Light Panels - A Fun & Creative Way Of Learning

Light panels, available in three different sizes and shapes,  are a brilliant way to add a whole new dimension of learning across all subjects. 
The illuminating light provides a stimulating base for children to explore the properties of materials and light which can be carried out in the early years setting or at home.
These  illuminated light panels provide quiet focus for the exploration of light, colour mixing, transparency and opacity. Using  translucent colour blocks or colour mixing shapes allow children to identify colours individually.  By layering they can identify different colours on top of each other and observe the colour effects. 
Light panels are a helpful tool for exploring numbers and counting. Add a whole new dimension by putting coloured shapes on top of the light panel to help children to solve problems and answer questions for example 'Can you pick out 4 red circles?'.
Encourage fun in learning  how to write numbers and their shapes by tracing over number shapes.  It can help by associating associate quantities with their written form.  Alternatively, this can be done with letters to teach children how to spell and write upper and lower case letters. 
The list of uses for light panels is endless! They are a great tool for sensory play. You can use everyday products that you have at home like clear bowls, pebbles, shells etc.  for continuous fun and creative exploration of shapes and shadows.
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