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An Invitation to Play

An Invitation to Play 

Wednesday, 17 April 2019 11:54:32 Europe/London

Entertaining children can make even the calmest of people lose their cool. I know I have often hoped my son would entertain himself without my input.

When you are feeling tired after a long day and a little voice says “play with me” its hard to say no. But if like me your imaginative ideas run out after a few minutes have a look at these helpful ways to make the most of your Tuff trays.

Make a beach!

tuff tray sand

Get some modelling sand and spill it into your Tuff Tray. The children can make sand castles, tunnels and even practice some early writing skills in the sand.

The tuff trays are the perfect way to ensure maximum fun with minimal cleaning.

Make your tray a blank canvas!


Place some paper on your tray and allow your children, to draw, paint and create beautiful larger than life pictures. They don’t have to worry about spillages or making a mess as the tray will contain the paint and stop it from spilling.

The tray could be a template to create large world maps that can be hung around your classroom.


Convert your tray with an activity mat!

Tuff tray mat

Choose from our many colourful mats depicting farm scenes, the moon in all its glory and many more options. You can pair these mats up with farm animals or small world figurines and leave the children’s imagination run wild.


Empty out some cars on the tray!

Tuff tray car

Pour out your cars on the tray and the children can drive around imagining a road or creating their own obstacles using blocks or whatever they have to hand.

The options for imaginative play are endless with the Tuff tray.

Take one out and watch their imaginations run wild.

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