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Encourage Loose Parts Play

Children need a lot of time to play, experiment and create, and the role of an early year’s settings is to facilitate this in the best way possible. Loose parts play is about providing open-ended resources for children to use in whatever ways their imagination takes them. The parts might be a mix of natural objects found outdoors along with man-made pieces. Children can combine the two and create what they want, mix stones with tyres and create castles and fortes.

The Giant Stack and Build Block is the perfect resource that encourages children to be their own architect. They can design and create any shape they want. This is excellent to develop and refine gross and fine motor skills.


The Giant Stack and Build Block can be used as part of children’s small world play to create miniature play spaces with homes for their own imaginative characters or ramps for vehicles as they position the shapes in various ways.

Allowing children to build freely in this way also helps them to develop their critical thinking skills. If you ask a child “If we make this taller will it fall” you are helping them to think critically about what might happen and even introducing the theory of cause and effect. If you stack another block on top it will fall over.


The busy blocks and balls set is perfect for loose parts play.


Children can engage in construction by balancing and building. They will develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The giant metallic discs are excellent for engaging children’s interests. Toddlers will love experimenting through rolling, stacking, sequencing and threading them. The chunky textured design allows for small hands to grasp and manipulate the discs with control. Therefore, supporting children’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


The open-ended nature of the discs allows for them to be used in many different play experiences and learning contexts. For instance, children may choose to engage in construction by stacking and balancing them. Some children might incorporate the discs within their small world play by using them as magical towers or miniature homes. The treasure-like colours will certainly appeal to children’s shiny collections or perhaps a pirate’s hoard!

Encouraging children to enjoy loose play games uncovers, nurtures and awakens the curious child!

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