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Dandelion Phonics Readers

This synthetic phonics reading scheme is designed to complement, existing systematic phonics programmes such as Letters and Sounds.

Each book and unit demonstrates clear phonetic progression, introducing just a few letters at a time to ensure children have a thorough and secure understanding of these before moving on.

Each level introduces new sounds. Four different books at each stage. Includes a game to motivate and help develop reading skills. Unit 1-7: Suitable for Letters & Sounds Phase 2 (Book Band: Pink A/B). Unit 8-10: Suitable for Letters & Sounds Phase 2, 4 (Book Band: Red). Unit 11-15: Suitable for Letters & Sounds Phase 3, 4 (Book Band: Yellow). Ideal for dyslexic readers as the story text is set against a cream background, that reduces visual stress and helps to facilitate reading, as a white background can be too dazzling. The font style and font size are clear and accessible.

Each page has one line of decodable text that is typed very clearly on a cream background to make it stand out. High frequency words are introduced gradually throughout the whole reading scheme so that children get plenty of practice at identifying and reading them.




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