Five Ways to Bring in Outdoors Indoors

By EASE Education on Tue, Jul 23, 19

If there is one thing we have learned never to depend on it’s the Irish weather. You can never plan for anything without having several contingency plans that usually involve running inside.

Now that winter has come knocking on our door and there is no escaping the elements here are some helpful tips for bringing the outdoors indoors:

  1. Why not invest in a water table for your room? This way children can enjoy playing with water and they do not have to brave the elements. Water play is naturally relaxing for children and if you want to add a new dimension to it why not add some organic dye to the water and watch the colour change.
  2. Buying Modelling sand in bulk is an excellent way to recreate the outdoors. Bring the beach into your classroom and allow the children to experiment with different structures they can make out of sand.
  3. When the weather turns rainy and dreary it is hard to keep children motivated and active. Why not create your own indoor obstacle course with some balance beams and planks? Push desks to one side and utilise the space with balance weights and rockers. Use these river stones to add an extra dimension to any balance course.
  4. Tuff trays are the ideal way to integrate the outdoors. Cover your tray with leaves, clay, twigs and anything else you can find in the garden. Create picture cards so the children can identify the different things that can be found in the garden. On the card list all the things that change with the seasons.
  5. Arts and crafts are a fantastic way for children to learn about the colours and the changes that happen with the seasons. Blend the assorted colours together to create autumnal and winter colours. The children can decide what colours they think belong in their seasonal collages.

I hope these tips help you to create a child centred learning environment to entertain your children on the long winter days.