Foam House Bricks, Hours Of Learning And Fun

By EASE Education on Wed, Apr 21, 21

Foam House Bricks are a must have resource for the early year’s environment. The foam bricks are an exact replica of real red house bricks and include realistic holes. Made from a foam dense material the blocks are extremely durable and can wiped clean after use. They can withstand general wear and tear and have longevity in the early year’s classroom both indoor and outdoor.

Foam House Blocks promote many areas of a child’s development including motor skills as the child uses their whole body to manoeuvre the blocks and create their construction. Children develop balance and coordination and refine both gross and fine motor skills when placing and removing blocks around different areas of the environment. The blocks encourage role play scenarios, curiosity and imaginations are developed when the children are independently designing and creating their own structures. This open- ended product supports logical thinking and promotes problem solving skills as children have opportunity to manipulate and learn how to create structures through trial and error gaining an understanding of what works best. Children develop mathematical concepts during construction play. Mathematical language is used such as more, less, big, tall, large and small during play. Children also use counting skills and discuss weight, shape, length, and height of each brick when interacting with the material.

 Construction play promotes a child’s language skills as they have the ability to express themselves via the use of descriptive language and explain what they are thinking, feeling and discuss their construction creations. Foam House bricks can be used independently or alongside other children promoting turn taking skills, cooperation and enabling children to gain inspiration from their peers. Children are encouraged to work as a team and play alongside others enjoying a purposeful, meaningful activity. 

Foam house blocks are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Children will have hours of fun with the blocks simply on their own or you can add extra resources to extend their imaginations. Wet sand turns the activity into a sensory experience where the children can explore and stick the blocks together recreating a real- life bricklaying situation.  In addition to wet sand, you can use wheelbarrows or trailers to transport the blocks to and from different areas. The Foam house blocks can be used in storytelling to recreate nursey rhymes and other story favourites such as the three little pigs , humpty dumpty and Rapunzel. Foam house blocks compliment most preschool themes and can be used year long. They are a great addition to any service and provide children with a vast range of learning and play opportunities.

“You won't regret buying this fantastic resource. The blocks provide hours of learning and fun.”

By Kelly Reay & Sarah Lawlor