Is Your Child Sitting In The Right Seat?

By EASE Education on Mon, May 10, 21

Choosing the right chair and table height for your child is just as important as it would be for choosing one for yourself. Children are more likely to pay attention and more open to learning if they are comfortable during the lessons. You can definitely improve the overall learning environment in your classroom or at home by choosing chairs and tables that are the best size for the children in your care.
In a chair with the right height a child's feet are flat on the floor and the knees are bent at a 90° angle. Matched with a table of the right height, your child will have a good posture. A suitable chair seat height is often measured off a child's age. 
In this table you get a good indication of the height of the chair and table that would allow each child to sit comfortably. 
Chairs and tables size guide


Here at EASE we have a variety of chairs including wooden,plastic and steel. Different settings require different seating options. In most cases this comes down to budget and personal preferences. All of our chairs are stackable, durable, safe and strong which are major factors when choosing children's furniture. Ergonomic and comfortable seating is equally important for toddlers and young children as for adults!

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