Make Learning Maths At Home Fun And Easy For All

By EASE Education on Wed, Jan 27, 21

Are you finding it hard to keep your child interested while home schooling? As a parent making different subjects interesting and fun can be very challenging especially when it comes to maths. It helps young children to learn by using physical objects like everyday objects or colourful practical resources.

Our range of EASE maths resources are perfect, the ideal resource for understanding counting, adding, multiplying, and learning about fractions / decimals / percentages. EASE maths are hands on and fun encouraging children to engage in maths-based play and from this your child will begin to understand and enjoy learning.

 The Counting 1-10 board is a colourful and fun way of showing your child how each number relates to a specific number of stars, while also comparing the size difference. They can see how the number 5 would not fit into the number 3 slot however 2 and 3 would fit into 5.

Our story of numbers board is also a fantastic, fun, and colourful way of teaching children addition and subtraction. The story of numbers can be used to order numbers according to size while also learning how to count from 1-10. It is an easy way for children to learn how numbers are created while still feeling like they are playing a game or doing a jigsaw puzzle. 

The Number line 1-20 and the Number line 21-40 are a brilliant way of getting children to begin counting and can even be used for addition and subtraction. They can be used just as individual units or in conjunction with the number rods. It helps children clearly see how 2+3+5=10 or reversing it by taking 3 away from 10 which leaves 7.

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