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Your Child’s Programming Journey

Programming is fast becoming a new form of literacy.

From a young age a child is exposed to new technologies and they are beginning to think and use their brains differently. It is important that we encourage and facilitate this learning shift and start to view programming not as scary and difficult but wonderful and easy.

Learning coding and programming from an early age have many benefits for children:

Children can start to communicate their thoughts in a structured and logical way. Through coding they begin to see that every action has a reaction. Their ability to think computationally develops and they expand on their knowledge of cause and effect.



Through early use of programming children can begin to think fluidly and creatively. Children have an amazing ability to see things, solutions and ideas that adults cannot. When they think out of the box they push the boundaries. For example, adults may only move the bee- bot forward and backwards whereas children may go left, right or even decide to move off the mat entirely.

The main benefit for introducing coding and programming at a young age is the earlier you start the easier it is. Just like learning how to ride a bike the early you begin the less nervous and cautious you are.


Without knowing it children are already preparing themselves for school and the workplace by learning and understanding valuable skills and all by just enjoying playing with robots!


Early learning builds confidence and allows children to explore the concept in their own time and at their own pace.


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