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Apple Drops Natural Outdoor Play Area

" It was like speaking with a friend, there is such a large range of products and there was a sense of knowledge conveyed "

Aisling from Apple Drops


Meet Apple Drops

Over the years Ease has helped hundreds of childcare facilities create outdoor play areas and natural outdoor play areas. We've helped our customers get their outdoor areas going with fantastic equipment.

One such customer is Aisling Murray from Apple Drops Pre-School and After School, based in Loughrea, Co Galway.

We spoke with Aisling with the aim of getting an overall understanding as to why she chose EASE for her quote and then for her order.


I chose EASE for their ‘large range of outdoor products’. Aisling told us that it was like ‘speaking with a friend’
and that during the process there was a sense of ‘knowledge’ conveyed. Aisling felt ‘comfortable’ dealing and communicating with EASE.

How did you choose your products?

Aisling chose the products for her quote from our new catalogue. Aisling preferred ‘to see the
products in front of her’ and she found the catalogue well laid out.
She said the images were clear and she could understand ‘what each product did’.

The Products Chosen

Aisling wanted to create a natural outdoor play area that would transform her outdoor space into something the children would love.  

After looking through our selection of outdoor products Aisling settled on the following:


Aisling's aim was to create a natural child centred environment for her children to play and relax in.

Overall Experience

Aisling told us it was a ‘good experience from quote to order, promises were made, and they were

Aisling is happy with the products received. She is going to keep us informed about the products did over the winter and coming back to us for her future orders. 

Do you want some help?

If you'd like some help or information on making the most of your outdoor space please get in touch.

We'd love to chat about your outdoor space and answer any questions you may have.

Call us in Kilkenny on 056 776 8088

Email us at info@ease.ie

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