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Government launches "Lets Play Ireland"

It's time to have more fun; Laughing, jumping, climbing, pretending

Playing has never been more essential, children learn through play while developing resilience, flexibility and understanding of their world.

The government are encouraging families to actively play, discover and learn with their children and have developed videos and downloadable resources to encourage different types of play activities. On our Instagram page, we will be sharing some of the activities recommended by the government


Its not about expensive items, there is so much to utilise in your own home. Some ideas from Lets Play include :

  • SQUASHING pillows or stamping cardboard boxes until they are flat - squashing, pulling,  lifting, helps with frustration. 
  • DRAWING pictures on card and cut them into jigsaw puzzles
  • PRETENDING; set up pretend shops, schools, kitchens, banks, post offices, beauty salons, hospitals and cafes
  • SORTING; collect and sort things to play with in water, supervising young children
  • DENS: make dens, shelters and cubby holes
  • DRESSING UP;play at dressing up, put on shows, make up soap operas and dramas
  • GARDENING reuse old/dead plant pots to make a small indoor garden, planting seeds and watching them grow
  • BOARD GAMES invent new board games

Look around your home, there is so much more than you think. What did you play with when you were small? Pots, pans, spoons. Digging in the garden, making dens from old boxes. Use your imagination and the opportunities are endless.

Here are some ideas of things you can find around the house for your child to play with from Lets Play:

  • sheets, duvets, pillows, old clothes
  • chairs, tables, cardboard boxes
  • pots, pans, wooden spoons
  • papers, chalk, balloons, paint
  • string, elastic bands, pegs, paper clips
  • tins and cans from the cupboard

Click here for "Lets Play Ireland" links and resources

Everything you can encourage your child to do will help them develop their skills and understanding. 

Early Years educators and junior primary school classes take direction and inspiration from a programme called Aistear in Action which has 4 key themes 

a) Well being
b)  Identity and Belonging
c) Communication
d)  Exploring and Thinking

Have a browse through this guide, the themes will guide you to choose a selection of activities which will help develop your children's awareness, knowledge and experience through play. 

Most importantly, have fun, these are the experiences that will shape your children's personalities in the future. 


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