How to Make Your Own Snowglobe

By EASE Education on Wed, May 22, 19

As christmas is fast approaching we've been on the lookout for some unique and fun christmas craft ideas that could easily be made in groups in Primary Schools or in creches and can double up as gifts. Here is one of our favourites - the glitter-filled snowman snowglobe!

What you will need:

Step 1: Make your snowmen by glueing 2 balls of Polystyrene balls (available from craft or discount stores) or you can buy pre-made snowmen if doing a lot of snowglobes.

Step 2: Have the children decorate the Snowmen using mixed sequins or pom poms, etc) and encourage them to be as creative as possible! Older children can use Sequn Pins (blunt pins for adding sequins or beads) 

Step 3: Use PVA Glue or other strong glue to glue the snowman to the inside of the lid and allow all to dry.

Step 4: Fill the jar nearly to the top with water and add Glitter! Making sure the snowman has dried completely you can now submerge and close up the lid tightly.

Now you can let your little ones enjoy the spectacle they have created or give as gifts to family and friends!


~ Enjoy, from the EASE team