Sparking imagination through Den play.

By EASE Education on Fri, May 24, 19

Here at EASE we are always looking for new materials that help to promote a child’s learning and maximise their play time. On the back of this we are delighted to announce that we have increased our selection of Dens! A den, in my view, is something which is only for the child. You can enter the Den if invited in but otherwise this is your child’s own special space. Encouraging your child to have their own space allows your child to embrace role play and to immerse themselves completely in the role play. It is through role that a child re-enacts experiences they have gone through during the day or even experiences from further back. Here you get a glimpse into your child’s mind as they try and make sense of the world around them. You may notice your child lining up their dolls before they go outside, a practice they might have observed from their teacher. You may also notice your child cooking the dinner or cleaning the house like mammy and daddy. During this solitary play you may see your child drawing from things they have experienced through books. The Den might become their fort to protect them from the invading army or it might be the castle they are storming to rescue the prince. It can also become a place where your child can refine their social skills by inviting children to play in their Den with them. Sharing their new games and their new space with their friends helps children increase their confidence and master their social skills. Through this medium of play a child can identify with adults and get a glimpse into the adult’s world. They can experience the world of the adult but in their own secure, personal environment.