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5 Products for High Energy Children

Children are not designed to sit still and listen. They are born to run and explore and they bound out of the bed at six in the morning with the energy of a wild animal emerging from hibernation!

This is especially true on Saturday and Sunday mornings?!

Create an environment that encourages movement and allows children be children with these simple easy to use products.

Baby Trampoline

I think children need to harness and expel their energy. Giving them a space to bounce and work through their own energy will teach them to manage their own energy levels and move the way their body tells them.

Balance Top

This product is perfect for the child who needs to be moving but might be feeling a little bit tired. They can lie back in the mini top and rock over and back. The movement helps children to relax and soothe themselves while also not using up a massive amount of energy.

Balance Rocker

Allow children to fidget and move with their bodies. They can not sit for long periods of time and they need to move. The balance rocker helps children move their legs while staying in the same spot so other children are not interrupted with their movements.

Tricycle Low

Outside brings a sense of freedom for children so encourage children to explore, cycle and drive around without interruptions. Harness their energy for exploration and help them build on their balance skills.

Bean Bag

The balloon that goes up must come down!!! Any child expelling a large amount of energy will eventually crash.  Make sure you have a safe and comfortable place for the child to relax and rest after all their activity.

Encourage movement and facilitate activity!

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