My Favourite Fidget Toys by Sophie Devereux (age 11)

By EASE Education on Fri, Jan 29, 21

Fidget toys can be used for helping with  special educational needs but personally, I  just enjoy the feel and texture of fidget and  sensory toys. I especially love making DIY fidget toys.  I didn't have a lot of these products from shops so, I started to make them  myself. Sometimes, I would even try and find some at home in old games and toys


I got the idea from my sister who used to make slime.  I asked my parents, but they both said that neither of them like squishy things or fidgets,which I find a bit wierd since my sister and I both like them.

I take  a lot of pride in showing my family what I have made or done. I sometimes ask them for their favourite or, if they can rate rate them.  I also got a special container for my fidgets. 


Types of Fidget Toys

There are lots of different types of fidget toys, there textured ones like Textured Tangles and  Textured Balls. There are ones that you can squish like balls that you just squeeze with beads in them, or a whole fidget pack with squishy things in them.  There are ones that you can move around like Jacobs Ladder or just normal Tangles


I am aged 11 and I like fidget toys because  I sometimes use them when I am doing something else, they help me concentrate. Other times, I just like to squish something when I am angry or sad. 

By Sophie Devereux