Grass Printed Childrens Floor Cushion

SKU: TTFU08028
€245.94 Incl. VAT
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- Realistic looking grass floor cushion. - Squashy, soft, and safe for learning activities. - High-definition, photographic quality grass print design. - Plain dark green on the back. - Custom dimensions (if available): W100 x L125cm. - Suitable for children aged 5-11 years, perfect for early years and primary school sector. - Provides comfortable seating for reading, group activities, and play. - Enhances the learning environment with a nature-inspired design. - Suitable for use in schools, creches, and educational settings. - Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. - Durable and safe construction for long-lasting use. - Supports early childhood development and sensory exploration. - Benefits for use in E-commerce websites for schools and creches. - HTML code format for easy integration into web pages. - Quality keywords for SEO optimization. - Highlights the benefits of the product for customers. Read More


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