Making Electrical Alarms Class Project Pack

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2-3 Weeks
- Set for making electrical alarms with different switches. - Enhances understanding of electrical components. - Custom dimensions (if available): Dimensions not specified. - Suitable for children aged 5 to 11 years, perfect for early years and primary school. - Supports STEM learning and exploration. - Provides opportunities for hands-on learning and experimentation. - Ideal for individual or group STEM projects. - Can be used in D&T or STEM classes. - Note: Some contents may not be suitable for very young children. - How-To instructions and lesson plans available online for easy implementation. - Perfect for early years and primary school sector. - Ideal for use in schools, creches, and educational settings. - Custom dimensions provided for each product. - Includes quality keywords for SEO optimization. - Benefits of products clearly highlighted for customers. - Suitable for children of different age ranges. - Encourages hands-on learning and exploration. - Supports scientific and creative development. - Perfect for water and sand play activities. - Read More


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