Wooden Pestle and Mortar 3pk

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- Set of 3 wooden pestle and mortar containers in varying sizes. - Made from Olive wood, safe and suitable for children aged 10 months and up. - Custom-Dimensions: Large - Top (10cm) Bottom (9cm) H:12cm, Medium - Top (9cm) Bottom (9cm) H: 11cm, Small - Top (8cm) Bottom (8cm) H: 9cm. - Ideal for mixing creative concoctions with natural items like petals, leaves, and snow. - Encourages imaginative and sensory play in early years and creche settings. - Enhances fine motor skills through handling and grinding activities. - Supports cognitive development through exploring different materials. - Durable and long-lasting wooden containers. - Provides a safe and engaging resource for young children's play and learning experiences. Read More


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